Florida Magician & Illusionist Brad Breaux

   If you’re looking for a not so normal magician, you came to the right place. Forget the tux, and the rabbit in the hat routine. I have some mind blowing illusions that will knock your socks off. Not to mention one of a kind stories to tell. Using illusions to illustrate some of my stories becomes one of the most unique acts around.

   Sorry to disappoint you but there is no such thing as magic. Just a lot of slight of hand and misdirection going on here or is it? Oh, before I forget there’s a lot of Verbal Diarrhea that goes on. It is a shame that such a beautiful performing art is labeled the term magic. I don’t believe in magic but I do still believe in Santa clause :)

My Belifes
   I am a Christian. I do believe that there is one God and that He sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins. I get asked this question a lot "If you’re a Christian should you be performing magic?" The only answer I can give people is this one; didn’t Jesus use stories and illustrations to draw crowds of people to hear what he ‘had to say’. Honestly I just want to do the same, draw a crowd of people so for one brief moment they too can hear what Jesus has to say. And yes, I want to use every thing God has given me to reach people; be it magic, water skies, sky diving ... er ... wait a sec I can’t ski and I don’t want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, I guess I'll stick to the magic stuff.

Non Christian Environments
   Another question I get asked a lot is "Will you perform in a non Christian Environment?" The answer is yes. I go wherever I am welcomed. Now, I can down play some of my stories but most of them are written to tie in to a biblical theme or principal. And yes I will do birthday parties, schools, and walk around magic.


>Brad made my son's birthday a success! The kids loved it. It was a great show for the family. He even made my wife disappear!
- John S.,Orlando,FL

>Thank you for your wonderful performance at my daughters birthday. Both of the adults and children attending were memorized by you and your magic. I can't wait for you to return next year!!!
- Tricia P, Haines City, Fl.

>I can't say enough how great your show was. Your professionalism was uncanny! You were so funny and the show was fast paced. Everyone loved it!
- B Byers, Calvary Church, Fl

>Brad's performance at my son'a birthday party was interactive and each of the children's eye were focused on Brad's next move the whole show. I can't praise him and his performance enough.
- Darla B, Jacksonville Fl



>I just wanted to send a big "thank you" to Brad. You were a big hit at Robert's Bar Mitvah! Everyone loved you and your magic. You helped us make this special day even better.
-Robert H, Orlando, Fl